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it is the theory that robots can also have buddhist values

it is the theory that robots can also have buddhist values


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Now I’m curious enough to see if I could make it work.

Necessary items as far as I’m concerned:

* Snowmen

* Scarecrows

* Strings of colored lights hanging between trees

I can only find the last. I guess one could make the snowmen out of white globes and sticks…

Today I bought two pretend internet snowmen using like, half of the pretend internet money I’ve earned in pretend internet economy. I feel that it was a worthy purchase. Also, colored lights.

Now I need snow-covered pine trees and scarecrows.


The walls weren’t really soundproofed very well, and they definitely weren’t waterproof.

Sounds like Stillmoor. I HEARTILY CONCUR.

They all have a lot of dead people in them! But yeah, Stillmoor’s particularly annoying. I finally got my level-19 alt to the crafting turn-in point there today, after three failed attempts.

what is the most annoying zone in Rift

I forget the name, but the one with all the dead people, definitely.

Too Little Information Tuesday


Ask me questions. I will provide answers which are almost completely useless.

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how do you disarm this thing

You just have to push the buttons in the right order, it’s not hard.

OK - in a good-natured effort to ruin a good song, “These Are The Fables” for FeferiEridan


Too Little Information Tuesday

Ask me questions. I will provide answers which are almost completely useless.

Is “chump change” too obvious for rose/kanaya

I kind of. Already used it in my Rosemary fic. So, according to me, no.

(Though I actually like “Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk” better for them.)

Delete all spam messages now (messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted)  Goldmen Sachs - Let's make money! - Harwood to investigate the robbery because of curious circumstances. May 1942 recording as closely as - 12:20 pm

stop shrinking my hilarious fucking spam screencaps tumblr, this is important

My stomach hurts.


My transformation into snarp is almost complete. Soon I will be able to consume only boiled eggs and granola, or whatever the fuck she eats.

Fucking Thai food.

The eggs are actually a bad idea, too. Plain yogurt and granola.

When I go for a walk I assign New Pornographers songs to Homestuck ships.

Gamzee/Caliborn: My Shepherd. Someone needs to make this into a music video that’s just Gamzee getting shot and Lil Cal’s eyes. It will be perfect.

Rift is bad at birthday parties.


When you hit level 50, the city throws you a party, where you have to fight a big death-spider from another dimension and watch Uriel and Kira’s marriage disintegrating. It’s not a very good party. Adriana even doesn’t even show up, I guess she’s too busy being an Attack on Titan character up in Stillmoor.

Your birthday present: a mighty SORD.