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I couldn’t find them! I’m annoyed at myself for my subpar search skills. How are they categorized? For that matter, how are the snowmen categorized?

Scarecrows are in Landscaping, under Farm Supplies. The snowmen are called Frosty and were a winter seasonal event item; I found a couple on the auction house, but I don’t think they’re in the store anymore.

It would really help if the store search function actually worked…

Also, I found out where to buy scarecrows in Rift.

For my Star Stealing Prince landscaping thing.

They are in the Rift store. The one that you click on in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen? I didn’t check there until today. They’re in there.

Curiosity in re mystery hits on old posts.

If someone blocks you and then reblogs one of your posts, will you see a reblog notification?

(I’m just curious as to whether this is how Tumblr handles that particular issue. If someone has actually been hate-reblogging me, I do not want to know who it is; please don’t tell me, it will like, cloud my soul gem.)

I think I can only expend energy every other day now. I felt pretty good yesterday, so I exercised, cleaned, and did a bunch of cooking. Today I feel like I’m dragging a big unhappy dog on a leash everywhere I go.

The dog does not want to go to the kitchen. It does not like the sound that the kettle makes. It thinks that coffee smells bad and that food is somehow suspicious. The washer and dryer are down a flight of stairs, which are plainly unacceptable. And I am worried about hurting the dog’s throat, pulling on the leash. So I am not doing all the stuff I need to do.

Stop being bullshit, Tumblr.

Why does /everything actually show less than not-/everything?

And why am I bothering to ask this, it is Tumblr, I should be glad it doesn’t just show me a picture of a bagel and then crash the browser.

I love Song for the Basilisk so much it is painful.

I cannot really articulate why. It is not McKillip’s best book - that’s probably either Ombria in Shadow or the Riddlemaster trilogy as a whole, which hang together better than her other stuff in terms of character arcs. Which she can be kind of iffy about. She’s good at tricking you into thinking her emotional arcs make sense, but most of the time they don’t?

Like: in Song for the Basilisk, (spoilers)

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Anonymous asked: Filters on sites deemed to be kids sites can get pretty ridiculous. When I spent time on the neopets boards, sometimes my posts would get blocked and Id spend fifteen minute trying to figure out which word it was. Sometimes it was the word bad. Like, not a bad word, literally the word "bad." But only sometimes.


oh god. x__x

I once played this crappy educational kids’ MMO - it was called “Knowledge Land” or “Knowledge Adventure” or something, it was distributed free on CD-ROM with some other kids’ game sold at Walmart, and it involved collecting cards? - where NPCs would ask you questions about history and geography, and you’d have to type the answer into the chat box.

One of the questions was something like “I am south of Niger and my capital is Abuja. What country am I?” So, the answer was Nigeria. But the name “Nigeria” was censored. The nation of Nigeria had been deemed offensive, you could not refer to Nigeria in chat, you could not answer the question.

At one point I’d actually answered all the other questions available to me, but could not progress in the game. I was stuck forever at the question whose answer had been censored because someone had confused Nigeria with the n-word.

I cannot reach the artifact. It is too high up.

The important thing I was in the middle of when the con artist called: video game inventory management and serious discussions about my username.

The important thing I was in the middle of when the con artist called: video game inventory management and serious discussions about my username.

There is a LOT of this going around lately. D:

My favorite was the one that called the law office and told us they were Google, and were going to sell us the top spot on Google for our “segment.” What is our “segment.” Explosions? Rapists? Exploding rapists.

I feel like I should be keeping these people on the line longer, but they always call when I’m in the middle of something.

Caller ID: Utah, 1-385-313-3975

Me: Hello?

Guy: Hello. This call is in regards to… a computer. Okay?

Me: …okay, then.

Guy: This is a call about a computer. Am I right in thinking that you are the main person in charge of this computer?

Me: You’re going to have to tell me which computer this is.

Guy: The “Windows” computer. The computer that runs the “Windows” operating system.

Me: I’m afraid we’ve got quite a few of those around here! You’ll need to be more specific.

Guy: Well. I am calling to tell you that this “Windows” computer has downloaded a virus, bad software, that is damaging your computer. And that you need to get it off there.

Me: *waiting in silence*

Guy: Ma’am? Ma’am? Can we help you fix your -

Me: I am an IT person, and this is a law office. Please do not try to scam the law office IT person. It’s not smart.

Guy: *laughs* Okay, then. Sorry, ma’am.


"Sorry I wasted your time with my con, I’ll just call someone else! You have a great day, now."


The best pizza in Kentucky is at a rock-climbing supply place at the end of a poorly-maintained road.

The liver and anchovies post was because I did stop at Natural Bridge yesterday. Not to hike, though! No. I stopped to eat at Miguel’s Pizza, and got really good anchovy pizza. Then I was tired and just drove home.

given that in this country they’re mostly consumed by italians and jews, there might be an element of the ol’ etc in there as well

You know, I don’t know why salami isn’t on the food-bashing list.

But how did the beets get in there? Why did Nickelodeon shows used to have that roiling resentment of beets.

The media I consumed as a child taught me many unhealthy messages.

You know, all the racism and misogyny and homophobia and transphobia and classism and etc etc.

But the worst thing was that it made me think anchovies and liver were gross. They are delicious. What did the children’s television networks have against anchovies and liver, what is wrong with those people?

I mean, aside from the, y’know, other stuff I just listed that’s wrong with them.